Bullfrog-Halls Crossing - Package B

Houseboat Management Package B:

Priced: $750 per turnaround

(‘Package A’ services, except without check on/ check off.)

Each turnaround service will includes:

One-hour systems inspection:

This one page systems check is designed to allow our mechanics to "keep an eye on your boat" and fix minor problems as they occur. Early detection of potential problems and recommendations for systems changes can prevent future expensive problems. This inspection does not take the place of periodic maintenance or tune-ups, but does include the labor for regular fluid changes with the cost of materials additional.  


This is a basic wipe down service focusing on items that are difficult to accomplish on the lake.  Cleaning will include Wipe down of interior counters and tables, Widows Interior/Exterior, Vacuum floors, Trash removal, Wash down of Exterior decks and stairs, Wipe down of exterior tables and appliances


Tanks will be checked and filled as needed. The cost of the initial propane is included in the package. The number of tanks included in the package will be limited to those onboard the boat in approved racks at the time the initial inspection is completed. Propane purchased at other locations on the lake during your trip will be at the owner's expense.

Pump, Fuel, & Water:

Our pilots will take your boat for pump out and chemicals, fill the fresh water tanks, fuel tanks, and return to your slip or turnaround area. Fuel cost will remain the responsibility of the owner.

Piloting Service:

Piloting services in and out of the marina are included.  Let our captains pilot your boat in and out of the harbor and dock the boat.

Note: Turnaround packages require a six (6) hour minimum between check-off and check-on. Space at Bullfrog-Halls Crossing Marina docks will be provided based on availability for buoy moored boats for turnaround, but is in no way guaranteed. Package prices do not include oil, fuel, labor and/or parts for any mechanical repairs or maintenance.


Request Information:

Note: Your email message will be sent to NorthLakeGeneralInfo@lakepowellmarinas.com

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