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Boat Brokerage Services

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When it’s time to sell your boat, our brokerage service makes it easy and convenient—with an offering of packages that range from posting your ad at locations around the lake, to broadly advertising your boat, to a full-service package that includes showing your boat to prospective buyers.

Note: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area NPS requires all sales go through Aramark if your vessel/shared ownership is within the park, in a slip, on a buoy, or in dry storage at Wahweap Marina, Bullfrog Marina, Halls Crossing Marina, or Hite.



The Full Listing Agreement, in which we provide the same service as for the Limited Agreement and also show the vessel for the client, assist with sea-trials prior to close of the vessel, and assist with the paperwork and collection of the funds for the sale. The fee for this service is on a graduated scale from 6% to 10%. Boats that sell for less than $100k the fee is 10%, boats that sell for more than $250K the fee is 6%. 

The forms needed for the Full Listing Agreement are:

Customers love pictures, so please email pictures of the inside and outside of the vessel when returning the completed listing documents. 



The Limited Listing Agreement will put your boat information and pictures at several locations around the lake. All calls or emails that come into our office will be forwarded to you the seller. All sellers are required to do the Limited Listing Agreement at minimum, per your moorage agreement that was signed when the boat was put into the slip or on the buoy. The fees for this service are a 3% commission of the actual total sale of the ownership/vessel plus a $300 administrative fee.

The forms needed for the Limited Listing Agreement are:

Again, remember customers love pictures, so please email pictures of the inside and outside of the vessel along with the completed listing documents. 


Moorage Transfer Form

Once a sale is going to take place, the paperwork you will need to complete the sale and submit back to our office is the Moorage Transfer Form (Change of Ownership). Please download, fill-out, sign, and fax to us this 5-page document. Sellers and buyers are expected to handle the funds themselves.


Request Information:

Note: Your email message will be sent to

Boat Brokerage Office Hours: 

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday showings available by appointment only

Lake Powell Boat Brokerage

Brady CarothersLake Powell Resorts and Marinas knows the value of heritage and legacy while forward looking to a future of diverse trends in the recreational boating industry. In Mid-2015, Capt. Brady Carothers joined our team as Boat Broker. Since then he has tripled the sales of Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas Boat Brokerage; annually. 

With over 100 whole yachts and houseboats sold, and countless multi-owner shares brokered; Brady stays busy visiting with current guests and future guests of marinas who are in search of their next big ride. Our section of Boat Trader Online counts in at over 20,000 views each month. This makes the site among the top 10 most viewed in the west. He grew up at Lake Powell as the son of some of the best recognized managers for Lake Powell. Holding true to our prestige, Capt. Carothers comes from a long line of boating enthusiasts, this includes spending much of his childhood growing up at Hall’s Crossing Marina, Utah.Brady is a lover of the outdoors: from kayaking to boating and hiking, he experiences it. He is an Arizona Notary and holds his USCG  Captain’s License. Upcoming in 2020, Captain Carothers is applying for the coveted designation of Certified Professional Yacht Broker. This international designation comes through trainings, certifications and tenure. Contributing to the community regularly, Brady has many completed Pro-Bono yacht sales that have benefited his favorite local charities. These include his proud support of PAAA and CUDDLE. Capt. Carothers can be reached at 928-645-1039 or at his e-mail: Carothers-Brady@


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