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Dry Storage

Safe & sound—And ready for next season.

When it comes time to pull your houseboat or cruiser for the season, we’re up to the task—and provide a secure, onsite dry storage area for your convenience. Our highly trained mechanics can winterize your boat and ensure it’s in peak condition for launching next spring. 

Bullfrog Dry Storage Rates:

Monthly Rate for Dry Storage is based on Vessel Size.

  • Personal Watercraft - $20.00 flat
  • 12’ to 24’11” - $2.25 per foot
  • 25’ to 34’ 11” - $2.50 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with less than 12’ beam - $3.00 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 12’ to 14’ beam - $3.50 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 14’1” to 16’ beam - $4.00 per foot
  • 35’ to 75’ with 16’ to 20’ beam - $4.50 per foot
  • Indoor Storage - $6.00 per foot
  • Boat Trailer Storage - $32.00 flat

Note: At least 24 HOUR NOTICE REQUIRED for set out in ready area.

Launch & Retrieval Rates:

Vessels on trailers must be properly licensed and must meet DOT safety requirements.

Hourly Rate for Launch & Retrieval are based on vessel size:

  • PWC to 27’ - $60.00
  • 28’ to 34’ - $100.00
  • 35’ and above - $150.00 

Note: One-way is half of listed rate. Launches and recoveries occurring within half hour of closing will be doubled for that portion.

Houseboats and cruisers without Trailers requires signed authorization for us to launch or retrieve the vessel.

Need your boat pulled for maintenance, repairs, and servicing but don’t have the trailer to handle the task? Give us a call (435.684.3019) and we will check compatibility with our trailers!

Rates are based on the size and hull design of the vessel:

  • $12 per foot with our trailer ($300 minimum one way)


Request Information:

Note: Your email message will be sent to NorthLakeGeneralInfo@lakepowellmarinas.com

If you prefer another communication option, we offer more ways for you to reach us:


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